Past Grand Rounds


: 2024 E. Monument St. Rm. 2-1002

Integrating 'Big Data' to Advance Population Health: The first 5 years of the JHU Center for Population Health IT (CPHIT)

Jonathan Weiner, DrPH and Hadi Kharrazi, MD

Professor and CPHIT Center Director

Hadi Kharrazi, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor and Assistant Center Director.

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Spring Break

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: Chevy Chase Auditorium/Zayed Tower

Decision Support: The Last Year in the Literature

Harold P. Lehmann MD PhD


Division of Health Sciences Informatics

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Grand Rounds Cancelled

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: Chevy Chase Auditorium/Zayed Tower

TransMed: A pilot effort to translate basic science to clinical practice

Christopher G. Chute, MD PhD

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

: Chevy Chase Auditorium/Zayed Tower

Liver Space

Douglas Mogul, MD MPH

Assistant Professor
Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
Johns Hopkins University

"A Turn of a Phrase Folds Into Fields Or The Magic Behind Clinical Natural Language Processing for Epidemiological Studies, Surveillance and Quality Metrics"

Guy Divita, MS

: Zayed 2119A Main Hospital

MACRA and EHRs: What Not To Do

David Lereau


A Population Health Informatics Framework: Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Needs

Jason Bonander MA

Public Health Informatics: Are the Opportunities for Local and State Agencies Greater than the Challenges?

Roland Gamache, PhD

Metabolic Compass: Towards Continuous Awareness and Behavior Change for Metabolic Syndrome

Yanif Ahmad PhD

Do physicians experience a productivity gain in providing online consultation?

Changmi Jung, PhD

Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science
 2016 Annual Symposium
Bloomberg School of Public Health
8:30 am-5:00 pm

This event will bring together experts in Big Data from across Johns Hopkins University, the government and industry to share their discoveries, practical ideas, and insights. The focus is on a multi-disciplinary approach to using Big Data to solve critical problems in science, medicine, engineering, and more.

Clinical Enterprise Intelligence

Albert (Al) Bonnema, MD MPH

Assessing and Preventing Large-scale Breaches in Centralized Patient Data Repositories

William A. Yasnoff, MD PhD

Common versus Critical Challenges in Electronic Medical Record Implementation

Eric Ford, PhD MPH

“Using Adverse Event Reports to Predict Subsequent Legal Claims at a Large Public Healthcare System”

Lorens A. Heimchen, PhD

"Patient Work As Design Foundation: The Case of Health Information Communication”

Rupa Valdez, Phd

“Question Answering Computer Systems”

John M. Nelson, MD

: Chevy Chase

"Large Scale Bio-medical Image Classification and Retrieval Combining Visual and Text Features”

Mahmudur Rahman, PhD

: Chevy Chase Auditorium

"Electronic Quality Measures and Clinical Decision Support - The twain shall meet soon !!”

Zahid Butt, MD FACG

: Chevy Chase Auditorium - Zayed

“Star: The Epic Data warehouse”

Diana Gumas