Past Grand Rounds

Note: The archived recordings are offline at the present time due to a hardware problem.


: Zayed Building

A Systematic Approach to EHR Phenotyping: A Use Case for Drug-induced Liver Injury

Casey Lynnette Overby, Ph.D.


What do we need before we can take Watson to the bedside: An Imaging Perspective

Eliot Siegel, MD

Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare and Medical Education by way of Gamification

Arun Mathews, MD

Interrogating routine health care data for population health research: experiences and insights from the UK

Dr. Aziz Sheikh FRCGP, FRCP, FRCPE

Translational & Interoperable Health Infostructure - The Servant of Three Masters

Amnon Shabo (Shvo), PhD

Nosology in the Time of -Omics

Stuart J Nelson, MD FACMI

The 5 Worst and 5 Best Informatics Ideas to Improve Diagnostic Safety and Quality

David Newman-Toker, MD PhD

Irrationality in Health Care: What Behavioral Economics Reveals About What We Do and Why

Doug Hough, PhD

Use of medical insurance claims data to support population health initiatives

Michael Cousins

Advanced multi-modal analytical techniques essential to understanding the complex interactions of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Jesus J. Caban, PhD

Population Health Management, Informatics, and the AHRQ Clinical Analytic Model

Stephen Bandeian, MD JD

CRISP update

Lindsay Ferris, MPH, CPH, PMP

Achieving the Triple Aim with a Health and Prevention Promotion Initiative (HAPPI)

William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI


Human Services Interoperability

Daniel Stein, MBA