Past Grand Rounds


Do physicians experience a productivity gain in providing online consultation?

Changmi Jung, PhD

Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science
 2016 Annual Symposium
Bloomberg School of Public Health
8:30 am-5:00 pm

This event will bring together experts in Big Data from across Johns Hopkins University, the government and industry to share their discoveries, practical ideas, and insights. The focus is on a multi-disciplinary approach to using Big Data to solve critical problems in science, medicine, engineering, and more.

Clinical Enterprise Intelligence

Albert (Al) Bonnema, MD MPH

Assessing and Preventing Large-scale Breaches in Centralized Patient Data Repositories

William A. Yasnoff, MD PhD

Common versus Critical Challenges in Electronic Medical Record Implementation

Eric Ford, PhD MPH

“Using Adverse Event Reports to Predict Subsequent Legal Claims at a Large Public Healthcare System”

Lorens A. Heimchen, PhD

"Patient Work As Design Foundation: The Case of Health Information Communication”

Rupa Valdez, Phd

“Question Answering Computer Systems”

John M. Nelson, MD

: Chevy Chase

"Large Scale Bio-medical Image Classification and Retrieval Combining Visual and Text Features”

Mahmudur Rahman, PhD

: Chevy Chase Auditorium

"Electronic Quality Measures and Clinical Decision Support - The twain shall meet soon !!”

Zahid Butt, MD FACG

: Chevy Chase Auditorium - Zayed

“Star: The Epic Data warehouse”

Diana Gumas


Real-Time Provider-Level Dashboard In an Hospitalist Program

Daniel J. Brotman, MD

Mitigating Interoperability Issues in a Clinical setting requires Continuous Processes

Mario Hyland, MVDSH

Hacking the Internet of Things

Avi Rubin, PhD

Clinical Data Representation, and the ICD11 Initiative

Christopher Chute, MD MPH

Health surveillance in the Department of Defense: recent approaches to data visualization, analysis, and prediction

Commander Jean-Paul Chretien, MD, PhD, US Navy

Health Informatics Research at IBM

Jianying Hu, PhD

Informatics Improves Inpatient Rehab Medicine Workflow: A Structured Approach

Krishnaj Gourab, MD.

From Meaningful Use to Precision Medicine: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges

Douglas Fridsma, MD PhD FACP FACMI

NIH Working Group on the NIH Precision Medicine Initiative

Joshua C. Denny, MD MS FACMI

Behavioral Health Integration

Allen Y. Tien, MD

Engineering a Learning Healthcare System: The Role for Data Science

Jyotishman Pathak, PhD