Past Grand Rounds


Understanding the Impact of Health IT in Underserved Communities and Those With Health Disparities

Adil Moiduddin, MPP Miryam Gerdine, MPH M. Christopher Gibbons, MD

Predictive modeling for public health decision support

JP Chretien, MD PhD

Mental Health Information Technology

Adam Kaplin, MD

Patients and social media: Rating doctors, lending support

Ritu Agarwal, PhD & Guodong (Gordon) Gao, PhD MBA

What they didn't tell you about meanighful use

Zeshan Rajput, MD MS

At the patient's side? Interdisciplinary care team substainable use of point-of-care documentation systems

Paulina S. Sockolow, DrPH MS MBA

Health Information Exchange Medical Research Rethought

Jonathan Gold, MD MHA MSc

What is the relevance of Johns Hopkins OCIS system to International eHealth?


Oncospace: An analytic database for personalized and evidence-based radiation oncology

Todd McNutt, PhD

Engaging Enterprise Physicians in a Clinical Image Viewer Selection Process

Paul Nagy, PhD

Computational decision support at the bedside: Ethics, policy and practice in an era of intelligent machines

Kenneth W. Goodman, PhD FACMI

Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records: Progress since HITECH.

Michael F. Furukawa, PhD