Former Students


Adler Archer— AHSI Online

Adler Archer portrait

Adler Archer is an American systems engineer and scientist. Dr Archer is enrolled at King’s Business School in the United Kingdom, completing a second doctorate while building on his ongoing research at Johns Hopkins. He is studying the impact of identity and institutions on physician engagement in health systems innovation. Dr Archer was awarded the prestigious David E. Rogers Award from Johns Hopkins Health Systems, a doctoral studentship from King’s Business School in the United Kingdom, and currently serves as a RADMA Scholar.

Adler Archer served on active duty in the United States military from 2000 – 2004. He went on to work as a Senior Space Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin and then a Senior Project Manager at Boeing until 2009. Dr Archer is active in advocacy for military veterans including a spending time as a lobbyist visiting the White House and US Capitol Hill to advocate for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. He recently served as Vice President of the founding board of directors for the Maryland LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Advisory Board Chairman for the Maryland New Leaders Council. Adler Archer was awarded a Diversity Recognition Award from the Provost of Johns Hopkins for his contributions in 2018.

Currently, Dr Archer serves on the Board of Directors for Intelehealth, a global telemedicine charity as well as on the Board of Advisors for Chase Brexton’s LGBT Health Resource Center. He also serves on the Governing Council for the London Meditation Centre.


Melissa Fannin — AHSI Online

Melissa Fannin Portrait

Melissa Fannin is currently employed as a Senior Vice President at CNSI as of August of 2019. She was employed at HHS Account Executive as a Vice President. She began her Vice President role in January 2017.

Mrs. Fannin is a seasoned heath care professional with more than 30 years’ experience in various roles and industries.  She started her career at University of MD Hospital Center with more than 12 years as a critical care nurse and trauma nurse and proceeded into management.  Mrs. Fannin assisted with the implementation of the first hospital-based critical care transport program at the University of MD and became the Manager of the overall operation of the program. Mrs. Fannin obtained certifications in Critical Care, Emergency Medical Technician and Emergency Nursing.   She then proceeded into the Government Industry where she spent 12 years working at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and then the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  She specialized in health policy, information technology, informatics, program integrity, project management and compliance.  She led major programs and assisted in the implementation of new legislation, i.e. the Medicare Modernization Act and the Deficit Reduction Act.

Mrs. Fannin left the Federal Government and entered into the private sector where she has worked for companies such as Clifton Gunderson, Optum and a big four accounting firm, KPMG for the last 7 years.  She has performed roles in an operational capacity, health care consulting and business development.  She has led teams of people implementing projects for the Federal Government and consulted on the new Affordable Care Act legislation.  Mrs. Fannin has conducted business development and led major initiatives to win new business for these various firms.  She is a dynamic leader with exceptional communication skills and leadership.  Most recently, Mrs. Fannin was the Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations for a large provider in Maryland.  She provided oversight over thousands of clinicians and participated in the strategic planning of the organization from a clinical, policy and health care perspective and assisted with the implementation of their electronic health record.  She is a member on the Board for Child Fatality for the State of MD under Governor Hogan.

Mrs. Fannin holds a Bachelors in Nursing from the University of MD, a Master’s of Science in Health Policy and Law from the University of MD, a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Baltimore and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from the George Washington University.  Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s in Health Informatics from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine with an expected graduation in spring of 2018.

Jessica Johnson – AHSI Online

Jessica Johnson Portrait

Jessica Johnson is the Director of Informatics at MedStar Health. She began at MedStar in August 2016. She is a native Marylander who has worked in the healthcare sector for the past 16 years. Jessica graduated from the University of Baltimore with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration in 2005 and a master’s degree in Public Administration with a focus in Healthcare Policy in 2009.  She also completed the Post Bachelorette Certificate in Clinical Informatics program at Johns Hopkins University in 2012.

Jessica is a results-oriented and versatile healthcare leader, who has a proven record of leading healthcare strategies in support of organizational goals and objectives. Most notably in 2016, she had an instrumental role in the implementation of Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EMR Solution in nearly 500 MedStar Health ambulatory practices in just 4 months.  Cerner reported that this was their largest and fastest EMR implementation to date.

Jessica’s mission is to make a significant positive impact on improving quality of care, reducing costs, and increasing access to healthcare through health informatics. Jessica is pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Health Sciences Informatics to provide her with the education to be competitive in this innovative field and contribute to improvements in the adoption of health information in her community. Moreover, she aspires to be better positioned as a champion of safe and efficient healthcare, with an awareness of how technology and clinical operations intersect at all points of the patient care experience.

Joe Mercado – AHSI Online

Joe Mercado Portrait

Joe Mercado is the Product Manager & Data Science Liaison at Collective Medical Technologies. Joe began this role in July 2018.

Joe Mercado serves as a Senior Value Management Advisor in the Advisory Board’s Care Variation vertical.  In this role, Joe works with executive teams within health care organizations to improve quality and reduce cost variation within the inpatient and ambulatory settings under various payment models including risk-based contracts.  Joe has championed a number of projects such as building out customized member dashboards to facilitate physician engagement, identifying clinical data opportunities to address external reporting measure improvement, and analyzing episode condition performance to inform development of chronic condition management programs.

Prior to joining the Advisory Board, Joe spent multiple years in the medical device industry, working in a wide variety of roles in cross-functional teams.  He led multiple development teams that launched an Android and iOS mHealth application and a web analytics dashboard.  He also worked with Product Development to launch a number of orthopedic implants and instruments in a regulatory capacity.  Joe holds a Masters of Business Administration from The University of Connecticut School of Business and earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.

His interests include: Clinical Informatics, Population Health Informatics, Telemedicine and mobile computing informatics.

Daniel Smith – AHSI Online

Daniel Smith Portrait

Daniel Smith is currently working at Apelon Inc. as the Director of Services. He started this position at Apelon Inc. in July 2018.

Dan is pursuing his masters in applied health sciences informatics online. In 2009 he graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and he has been working for a small clinical informatics company called Apelon since 2011. Serving has an informatics analyst and project manager, Dan's focus has been on terminology services and software development, providing the tools and guidance needed to map legacy data to international standards, curate quality measures and value sets, and model, maintain, and extend terminologies. Dan is originally from Connecticut and has been living in Washington, DC since 2014. In his spare time he enjoys playing water polo and visiting local breweries.


Tripti Aggarwal - AHSI Campus-based

Tripti Aggarwal Portrait

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Thapar University, Patiala, India. After completion of my undergraduate course in Biotechnology in 2015, I started working as an Analyst for a market research and consulting startup called Roots Analysis. Having served as an Analyst for 1.5 years in the pharmaceutical industry and through several internship experiences at prestigious labs, I got acquainted with the many intricacies of the healthcare market. This motivated me to further my knowledge in the field of Health Informatics. Ten years down the line, I envision myself as a technical officer actively contributing to the digitalization of the healthcare industry in order to make the healthcare experience better for both physicians and patients. I am particularly interested in data science analytics and clinical health informatics as a major area of study. I hope to achieve expertise in the same from the Applied Health Informatics program at Johns Hopkins.

Hani Almarzook- AHSI Campus-based (Graduated 2018)

Hani Almarzook portrait

Hani Almarzook is a Senior Computer Engineer at the world-renown King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.He received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the Riyadh College of Technology.He obtained his Master of Science in Health Informatics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.Hani has been in the health care industry for more than twenty three years.  His interests and goals include reducing medication errors and improving patient safety outcomes for health care delivery organizations.  Hani is on the forefront to improve medicine and the way health care providers deliver better care around the globe.


Gurmehar Singh Deol – AHSI Campus-based

Gurmehar Singh Deol Portrait

Gurmehar Deol was hired in November 2018 as a Data Analyst. He is working in a department for a Collaborative Inpatient Medicine Service (CIMS) at Johns Hopkins Community Physicians.

Gurmehar Singh Deol worked as a Quality Analyst at Sapient Global Markets, a consulting firm which specializes in applied services, solutions, technology, strategy, and risk management for the Capital, Energy and Commodities Markets. He graduated from Punjab Technical University with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering. In his free time, Gurmehar likes to play squash, is an enthusiastic cyclist and an avid PC gamer.

Ashimiyu Durojaiye

Ashimiyu Durojaiye Portrait

Ashimiyu Durojaiye is doing his residency at Yale New Haven Health Bridgeport Hospital. He started his residency in August 2018.

Ashimiyu graduated from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos as a doctor, and has a flair for IT which he pursues concurrently. He worked for major hospitals in Lagos where he saw the need for better health systems and felt IT could make a difference. He went on to complete the Master of Science in Applied Health Sciences Informatics program here at Johns Hopkins University during which he was introduced to the concepts in informatics, it's potentials and promise. He believes informatics is the key to the realization of better, safer and reliable health systems and is seeking a deeper appreciation with the PhD program. His interest areas are in clinical informatics, telemedicine and mHealth. Ashimiyu loves movies and soccer.

Jeffrey Ford – AHSI Campus-based

Jeffrey Ford Portrait

Jeffrey Ford is now Deputy Chief in the Solution Intelligence section/User Integregation Branch/Solution Delivery Division in Defense Health Headquarters as of August 2018.

My experience in health care careers spans many levels.  Before graduating high school, I entered the Army National Guard and trained as a Dental Assistant.  After secondary school, I worked as a Respiratory Therapy Assistant and Pharmacy Assistant while studying to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist (R.R.T.).  I then decided to pursue a life-long goal of becoming a dentist.   So, I continued working in the hospital as an RRT and completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Mississippi College.  Immediately after, I entered the University of Mississippi, School of Dentistry and completed my Doctorate of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.).  Upon graduation, I entered the United States Air Force as an active duty dentist and completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) post-doctorate certificate residency.  Four years later, I was accepted to the Tri-Services Orthodontics Residency Program at Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas – Class of 2010.  During my Air Force career and residencies, I have also completed continuing education courses in military leadership, including Air War College.  I am currently a Lt. Colonel, Flight Commander, and practicing Orthodontist in the United States Air Force.

I am excited to combine my eclectic background of medical and dental experience into an augmented career with training in Health Care Informatics.  I enjoy combining technology and information management for an efficient and safe patient care atmosphere.  Clinical decision support and clinical practice guidelines in conjunction with the latest technology available have captured my attention and will be my focus during this next phase of my education.

Zubin Khan

Zubin Khan Portrait

Zubin Khan accepted a role as a CDC fellow working for the Population Health Workforce Development Team and has been assigned to the Utah Department of Health. This role started in September 2019.

Zubin Khan was hired in Feb 2019 as an Information Systems Analyst for the Henry M Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine. He was working in the department of U.S. Military HIV Research Program (MHRP).

Zubin has completed his Bachelors of Engineering in the field of Information Technology from University of Pune, India. He has also successfully completed a diploma course in Computer Engineering.

Zubin has worked at National Institute of Virology (NIV), Department of Health (Government of India) where he was part of the Epidemiology department as a lead IT technician. One of the major project he worked on was – ‘Community based surveillance of Viral diseases/Syndrome in Janta Vasahat Pune City’.

In a developing country like India with huge population the implementation and optimization of the information systems that support clinical practice is a big challenge. Working for almost 2 years at NIV Zubin was able to experience different challenges and problems in health industry. Having background in the field of Information technology he witnessed how application of information technology can help solve those problems.

As Health informatics creates the infrastructure that connects and enables the flow of critical information to and from each person involved in a patient's care, Zubin is very interested in this field esp. eHealth and mHealth. Zubin is also very passionate about entrepreneurship and would like to combine his interest of Health IT and Entrepreneurship in future.

Abraham Kim – AHSI Campus-based

Abraham Kim Portrait

Abraham Kim was hired as an analyst for Evolent Heath in August 2018.

I was born in Houston, Texas but grew up in Mukilteo, Washington. I have been working at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta for the past year as a medical scribe. This position made me realize how big of an impact electronic health record systems have on the clinical process. I recently graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and a minor in Linguistics. My goal is to become a physician with expertise in clinical informatics.

Suzan Lowry – AHSI – Campus-based

Suzan Lowry Portrait

Suzan Lowry is currently the County Health Officer in Charles County MD. She started in November 2018.

I am entering the Master’s Degree program as a Pediatrician who has realized the power of informatics in increasing access and delivery of evidence based healthcare either at the individual or population level.   The tools of scientific process acquired from my undergraduate education in Biochemistry should help in my pursuit of a Master’s degree but as additional measures, I am acquiring bits of computer science from the Great Courses Series, Coursera, and Dummies book series. The greatest contribution that I will make in improving healthcare will be derived from the insights of my Department of Navy digital community and civilian teaching center mentors, combined with the innovative knowledge gained from the faculty, students, and affiliated digital community at JHU.

Xiaomeng Ma – HSI 2-yr. Research

Xiaomeng Ma Portrait

Xiaomeng Ma is currently employed in the Department of Health Policy and Management in the Bloomberg School of Public Health at JHU. She started in August 2018.

Xiaomeng Ma is an international student from Tsinghua University, China. She studied life science, molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry as well as programming languages C and R, and quantitative analysis with statistical software. She wrote on HPV distribution in China for her undergraduate thesis. Xiaomeng has enjoyed designing procedures for the collection of data and reasoning with statistical models and wants to expand her knowledge in these fields. She is also interested in biological and genetic backgrounds, social and geographical influences for diseases, and how to evaluate their effects in practice. Xiaomeng’s career goal is to learn more about social and biological interactions associated with health outcomes and to alleviate human suffering caused by illness.

Ishita Masand – AHSI Campus-based

Ishita Masand Portrait

Ishita Masand is now an implementation specialist at Kit Check in DC. Ishita was hired in February 2019. Kit check offers an automated solution for pharmacy kit tracking.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from Modern Dental College and Research Center (DAVV University Indore, India). I have completed a one year internship at the hospital associated with my college and I am currently working on a course in Database Management Systems. In four years at dental school I have worked in various outreach programs organized by the Indian Dental Association that offer dental services to underprivileged sections of society in nearby villages and schools in addition to generating awareness about oral diseases and its implications on overall health and well-being across the country.

Thus I have interacted with a diverse patient population which has inspired my interests in the field of health informatics. I strive to study the application of information technology and areas of clinical informatics aimed at improving the quality of patient care while working towards eradicating the imbalance in the delivery of healthcare in impoverished and otherwise inaccessible places. Also, I am interested in working on research projects pertaining to translational bioinformatics and cancer informatics during my time at Johns Hopkins University.

Umair Mushtaq – AHSI Campus-based

Umair Mushtaq Portrait

Umair Mushtag accepted an employment offer from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He started as a Research Coordinator III in May of 2019.

I graduated with MBBS degree from CMH Lahore Medical College affiliated with University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. As a medical student I was actively involved in public health and clinical research projects. During my clinical experience at major hospitals in Lahore I frequently dealt with the problem of missing patient information due to incomplete or unavailable patient health records. With training in clinical medicine and longstanding interest in technology I was intrigued by the benefits of health informatics, from providing physicians access to detailed medical history of their patients, increasing the scope and efficiency of clinical research to improving the overall quality of patient care. My areas of interest include clinical informatics, clinical research and public health. In my spare time I enjoy playing chess and cricket.

Anncy Thomas – PBCCI

Anncy Thomas Portrait

Anncy Thomas is now a Chief Medical Officer at Northwell Healh in New York. She started her employment in January 2019.

Anncy Thomas, DO is a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician who currently serves as the Chief Medical Information Officer for Episcopal Health Services, Inc, an academic, not-for-profit health system in Queens, New York. In her role as CMIO, she oversees the strategic design, enhancement, and clinical effectiveness of information systems used throughout the hospital and ambulatory settings.

Dr. Thomas is passionate about transforming healthcare through information technology in collaboration with providers and administrators throughout the patient care continuum. The formal informatics training she will receive through the PBCI program at JHU will enhance her leadership skills to lead change in her current role and beyond.

Iddrisu Tia – AHSI Campus-based

Iddrisu Tia Portrait

Iddrisu Tia is currently completing his medical residency at Wycokk Hospital in NY.

Iddrisu Tia is an assistant professor of anatomy at the University of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Antigua, in the West Indies. He also works as an RN at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

After spending more than a decade working as a healthcare provider in multiple companies, Iddrisu knows how crucial medical informatics is to the healthcare industries, especially with the introduction of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Iddrisu’s interest in medical informatics peeked when he took part in the introduction of the EMR, 'EPIC' at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He has a working knowledge of computer systems, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and databases such as SQL. He wants to be an expert in developing new computer algorithms that can help clinicians and researchers make sense of vast amounts of medical data.

Iddrisu holds an MD degree from University of Health Sciences Antigua School of Medicine and BS in Math and History of Science from St. Johns College in Annapolis, Maryland.

Jiancheng Ye –AHSI Campus-based

Jiancheng Ye Portrait

In August of 2018, Jieancheng Ye started his PhD training at Northwestern University.

Jiancheng received his Bachelor's degree in Automation and got his Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from Tsinghua University in China. He is a Master of Applied Health Sciences Informatics at Johns Hopkins University and hopes to pursue Ph.D. training in this field. He has not only done much work in the design and implementation of healthcare devices, but also in the industry and policy analysis. He enjoys interdisciplinary research for the opportunity to use technology to combine engineering and medicine, thereby improving people’s health and quality of life. He has a wide range of interests, including sports, music and art. He holds the belief that the problems in the world are not within-discipline problems, people with different kinds of skills and expertise should work together - a value that health science engineers should be exemplified. One of the key capabilities he’s trying to improve is the collaborative design and leadership of interdisciplinary, action-oriented research projects, cutting across departments, schools, universities, and organizational partners.


Dafer AlShehri

Dafer AlShehri Portrait

Dafer Alshehri was hired as a Clinical Informatics Coordinator. He started in December 2017 at Penn State Health St. Joseph.

Dafer Alshehri graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management and Business administration minor from Towson University in 2015. In August 2016, Dafer joined the graduate school of health science informatics at Johns Hopkins University.

Dafer worked as A/Supervisor of medical record and information center at NGCSC National Guard comprehensive specialized clinic back in Saudi Arabia. He has more than ten years experience in health care filed dealing with EHR System. He was authorized by information system department as super user of the new medical information system (MiSys), additionally, He was in charge of training NGCSC staff in the newly implemented (MISYS).

He believes that Health informatics can be a smart career choice for people who want to help patients without the additional strain that can come with direct patient care. He would like to go back to Saudi Arabia to train nurses and staff on how to use the latest technology and software to enter and track information about a patient’s condition and treatment.

Maitri Tanna

Maitri Tanna Portrait

Maitri Tanna was hired as a Sr. Clinical Solution Analyst at Anthem Inc. She started in at Anthem Inc. in October 2017.

Maitri Tanna is a Biomedical Engineer from Mumbai University's D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering in India. Her various internship experiences at different healthcare organizations have helped her gain knowledge about the healthcare industry. She worked in the field of Health Informatics in India for an innovative project in dental industry after her college. In these two years she developed interest for the field and set her way ahead to do Masters in the same. She has a larger goal of digitizing the global healthcare industry and helping patients all across the world to obtain the best healthcare facilities in their hands. She is determined to gain the best of technical, practical and managerial skills from Hopkins during her course.


Naveed Aman Pasha

Naveed Aman Pasha Portrait

Naveed Aman Pasha is currently doing a residency at Vanderbelt. His residency is in General Surgery and started in September 2017.

Dr Naveed Aman Pasha received his MBBS from the Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan. During this five year programme, he received training in the technical aspects of safe health care for individuals affiliated to various socio economic themes intrinsic to Pakistan's population. He remained involved in various research projects that attempted to examine current treatment guidelines and their application in the local context. Here he was committed to providing technological solutions to expedite compilation and analysis of medical data.

He then went on to complete a six month internship at the hospital, which has been accredited by the Joint Commission of International (JCIA). In this role, he gained familiarity with various electronic record systems that aim to implement safe and effective standards based care.


Angeline Aringo

Angeline Aringo Portrait

Angeline Aringo is currently employed at American Heart Association Inc. Angeline has been working in the departments of Hospital Accreditation and Quality and Health Information Technology since 2015.

Angeline Aringo completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from University of Maryland, after having taken some Associate of Science courses at Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas. Her most recent work was with American Heart Association as the Interim Project Manager. She worked with various doctors over different states in Cardiology research projects to help enhance heart-health. This gave her some experience in blending Healthcare and IT, since the projects relied heavily on the analytics and data communicated between clients and healthcare providers.

She has worked with Microsoft Healthvault Software System, and is well skilled in Electronic Medical Records (EPIC) from her prior vast work experience in the healthcare industry. She is passionate about technology in the healthcare industry and believes that this opportunity for a Master of Science degree in Applied Health Sciences Informatics will greatly advance her knowledge & skills in this career path.

Andrew Boxill

Andrew Boxill is currently employed at Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago (Petrotrin) as a Medical Officer. Andrew started with the company in August 2015.

I received my medical training at The University of the West Indies, Mona Jamaica, and have worked extensively in the public healthcare sector for 10 years. It was with the desire to effect and manage change in that sector that I embarked on an MBA with the University of Leicester in the UK. The future of patient care depends on the steady integration of modern computer science modalities into the healthcare environment. Marshalling that change has never been more crucial. In my home country of Trinidad and Tobago, the process has already begun on a limited scale. The Johns Hopkins Masters in Applied Health Sciences Informatics program will serve to combine my various interests and provide me with the tools to deal effectively with this rapidly evolving and challenging medical landscape. After graduating I hope to become involved in the design and implementation of sustainable health informatics strategies in the Caribbean.

Kevin Crowley

Kevin Crowley Portrait

Kevin Crowley is currently a 2nd year medical student at University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Columbia, SC and also an Ensign in the U.S. Navy Medical Corps. After completing his master's program HSI, he spent two years working at the JHM Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality doing Business Intelligence.

Kevin Crowley is a 2014 graduate of the Applied Health Sciences Informatics Master’s Program. Previously, he earned his B.S. in Biochemistry with a clinical and research-based focus while striving toward his primary goal of becoming a physician. From working in U.S. hospitals in his undergraduate studies as well as hospitals in rural Onwe, Ghana and Cape Town, South Africa, Kevin developed a great interest in quality improvement and standardization of care across health systems while also accounting for their public health needs. From working in a variety of hospitals in vastly different geographical and socioeconomic settings, Kevin’s wishes to use this Master’s Degree to leverage and integrate analytics tools in the area of quality improvement for hospitals in both the clinical and operational setting. Currently, Kevin is a Business Intelligence Analyst at the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality where he is focused on creating dashboard reports and implementing interventions aimed at improving clinical outcomes, enhancing quality, reducing costs, and increasing patient satisfaction for the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Surgery. Ultimately, Kevin will continue his graduate education by attending medical school in order to become a specialized physician facilitating the use and integration of evidence-based medicine and Health IT in hospitals worldwide.