DHSI's program director, Harold Lehmann MD, PhD, has received the David M. Levine Mentoring Award

Congratulations Dr. Lehmann on receiving the David Levine Mentoring Award this year in 2020.


The Criteria for this Mentoring Award is listed below.

1. Model for integrity and professionalism within the DOM

2. Evidence of mentoring (Skills); helping mentees to

     a. Advance in career and promotion (e.g., collaborations, networking, presenting, completing specific         projects – collaborative or interdisciplinary)

     b. Develop leadership skills and other academic skills

     c. Balance career and personal life

     d. Gain peer review and other sources of funding e. Disseminate their work

3. History of mentoring (Scope)

     a. Number of Mentees

     b. Accomplishments of mentees (e.g. current position, grant support, publications, regional and national recognition, leadership)

     c. Innovative approaches to mentoring

4. Mentoring includes excellence in research, education and program building.


Thank you Dr. Lehmann for all of your mentoring efforts.