Expert Insight Q & A by Paul Nagy, PhD: The Healthcare Digital Revolution Is Here

In this Expert Insight Q & A, Paul Nagy, PhD, discusses how the healthcare industry has been a slow adopter of advanced IT relative to other industries, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it to modernize and standardize data collection. By converting electronic medical records to a uniform data format, research can be performed transparently across institutions without compromising patient privacy.

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Paul Nagy Expert Insight Questions and Answers

Dr. Paul Nagy is an associate professor of Radiology, Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering. He serves as Deputy Director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Technology Innovation Center and directs the Biomedical Informatics and Data Science training programs in the School of Medicine. In those capacities, he leads the medical system’s Observational Health and Data Science Informatics (OHDSI) efforts as part of the Precision Medicine Initiative. These roles are part of a synergistic mission to partner with clinical leaders to catalyze technological innovation across the health system. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed our medical data systems to further modernize and accelerate research within and across institutions. Dr. Nagy is part of a team of engineers, clinicians, and scientists who were critical to the medical data standardization efforts across hospitals within the Johns Hopkins Health System, which supported lifesaving research throughout the pandemic.