OHDSI Honors BIDS students Katy Sadowski and Stephanie Hong

We are delighted to report that Katy Sadowski was recognized with an OHDSI Titan Award! OHDSI community members nominate fellow collaborators they believe made a significant impact on advancing OHDSI’s mission over the last year, and our own Katy Sadowski was one of the eight leaders honored at the 2023 Global Symposium. During this session, the honorees discussed their own OHDSI journeys and work they did during 2023.

Katy reflected on her recognition: “OHDSI's open-source community exemplifies the OHDSI values of openness, collaboration, and community. We welcome contributors from any background, so long as they're interested in building tools that help improve the reliability and reproducibility of observational research! This inclusiveness, and the rigor with which OHDSI developers approach their work, are what drew me to this community and inspire me every day to work harder in service of the OHDSI mission.”

Katy was the winner in the Open-Source Development category and is recognized for her extraordinary contributions in design, development, testing, and deployment of open-source software to enable observational analyses. Learn more about the 2023 Symposium and Titan Awards.

We also extend congratulations to Stephanie Hong, recently selected as an OHDSI Collaborator Showcase Best Contribution winner in the Observational Data Standards and Management category! Stephanie is a BIDS student in the Applied Master’s program and her work in the National COVID-19 Cohort Collaborative (N3C) project is being recognized by OHDSI.

Stephanie reacted to this accomplishment: “In this era of vast medical information and astonishing computational tools like machine learning, N3C and OHDSI have established the critical open-source infrastructure to accelerate biomedical research and drive clinical innovation. I am grateful to be part of this exciting endeavor.”

We are proud of Stephanie’s work. Read more about Stephanie’s project.