About Us

The Informatics Education Program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine trains current and future leaders in health information technology. If you have an interest in precision medicine, clinical analytics, data standards, and designing/deploying innovative solutions in healthcare--we look forward to meeting you! The program has both full-time and part-time offerings that are taught by world class experts from Johns Hopkins. In partnership with the Office of Online Education, courses are offered in a way that caters to working professionals who are juggling busy schedules. Our alumni have gone on to have successful careers in industry, academia, research, government, and clinical practice. Whether you're looking to make a professional pivot in your career, seeking your next promotion, or looking for new opportunities in one of the most in-demand fields, the Informatics Education Program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has something to offer you. Our academic programs range from a Certificate to Master's to PhD programs.  

Please contact jhinformatics@jhu.edu with additional questions.

To apply for any of our 5 Academic Programs, create an account and submit an application here.  

2024 E Monument St, Suite 1-200
Baltimore, MD 21205

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