Current Students

Anabel Abraham – AHSI Online — Year 3

Anabel Abraham Portrait

Anabel Abraham graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Physics from the Women's Christian College, Madras India and a Masters Degree in Computers from the University of Madras, India. She currently work as a Systems Analyst in Baltimore, Maryland. Anabel believes that the Health Informatics Degree will provide the tools and resources she needs to leverage her IT experience and her enduring desire to work in the Heath Industry. She enjoys Bible quizzing, music, singing, debating, and  learning new languages, tennis and cricket.

Abdulaziz Alaqeel— MS 2 Yr Research—Year 1

Abdulaziz Alaqeel Portrait

 I have a bachelor’s degree in the field of management information systems, from King Saud University Riyadh – Saudi Arabia. I have gained five years’ experience during my position working as an analyst at SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation). I am excited about pursuing this degree because of the huge opportunity for creativity and innovation that exists in the health informatics field. My goals are focusing on leading medical transformation plan across my country to achieve Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 which targeting to deliver the best quality to our patients. Moreover, I wish to engage in research projects focusing on health applications, Electronic Health Record (EHR), clinical decision support system (CDSS), and how we can benefit from information systems to ensure the safety of patients. Pursuing master of health informatics at Johns Hopkins University will help me to achieve my goals through the academic methods that the program was developed through. Including the seminars where the students learn and discuss emerging technologies topics with well-known guest speakers in the field.

Sean Allen - AHSI Online— Year 2

Sean Allen Portrait

Sean Allen is a quality improvement professional for a Medicaid Health Home, overseeing a large network of health care providers across New York’s Hudson Valley. By utilizing technology, Sean looks for opportunities to transform data into knowledge that will improve health outcomes while lowering costs for a high-risk population. Sean brings a rich professional background to the health care sector, with experience in marketing, social work, and finance. Sean earned a Bachelor of Business Management from the University of Miami. He additionally holds a Master of Science in Health Care Quality from the George Washington University

George Benavente − AHSI online — Year 1

George Benavente Portrait

George Benavente is a healthcare information technology professional helping The Villages Health, his current employer, better understand their data. As a Senior Business Analyst, he communicates the value of information to practicing clinicians and executives. His primary area of interest is analyzing data and developing algorithms to drive better healthcare at a lower cost. The Villages Health’s commitment to excellence creates an environment where practicing clinicians are trailblazing a new way to practice. In a value-based care, rather than a fee-for-service, organization, George collaborates with practicing clinicians to brainstorm creative, technological solutions for our patients. Prior to joining The Villages Health, George worked at MetLife as a Production Management Analyst where he worked on the payor side of the healthcare industry. Prior to joining MetLife, George worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) in New Jersey. He received his B.S. from NJIT in 2014. On his downtime, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is an avid traveler and curious photographer.

Michael Bohman —AHSI On campus— Year 1

Michael Bohman Portrait

Michael Bohman graduated Weber State University with a Bachelor's in chemistry prior to attending Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Upon finishing his Doctorate of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.), he completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency through the U. S. Navy Dental Corps in San Diego, CA, and continues his dental practice as an active duty, commissioned officer.  Lieutenant Commander Bohman has always been an active volunteer in the community with a strong desire to help underserved populations.  He has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America, served as a missionary in Argentina for two years, organized a dental mission trip to Ecuador through the Hispanic Dental Association, was certified as a sexual assault victim advocate, and has worked to assist immigrant groups. 

Dr. Bohman hopes to use his degree in informatics to enable providers to focus more time on patients by reducing inefficiencies and administrative burdens, and to improve dental health by leveraging technology to reduce risk and provide better care.

Lusha Cao — AHSI On campus — Year 1

Lusha Cao Portrait

Dr.  Cao earned her Ph.D. Degree in Biology from Tsinghua University and her B.S. from Sichuan University, China. The focus of her research was in the determination of molecular structures of cancer and diabetes related enzymes. After completing her degrees, she worked as an assistant professor at Zhejiang University of Technology, China. She has realized a robust digital health ecosystem can bring revolution to both biomedical research and clinical care during her research career and personal life.

She intends to work in healthcare industry after completing AHSI program at Johns Hopkins. She is interested in optimizing EHR for patients with chronic diseases and improving digital health IT by generating data that help patients understand how to manage their diseases, as well as facilitating data-sharing between patients and their providers. She believes she will achieve career success by integrating the skills and knowledge gained from DHSI with her research experience in molecular biology field. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, hiking, coding and doing funny things with her baby.

Angela Chen — AHSI On campus — Year 1

Angela Chen Portrait

Angela Chen graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics and Information Technology from Rutgers University in 2014. While in school, she interned at various pharmaceutical companies within the IT and data analytics departments. Since graduation Angela has worked for Accenture as a Business and Systems Integration Architecture Specialist, concentrating in digital marketing analytics and marketing automation platforms. After working with marketing and analytics for the past 4 years she is now looking to apply her skills in the health care IT industry. Angela hopes to help improve hospital and health care systems to better patient care and enhance the overall patient experience.

Dustin Colegrove – PBCCI—Year 3

Dr Colegrove earned his BS, MBA and DO from Oklahoma State University. He is a Hospitalist in Internal Medicine at the Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver, WA and will take on the role of informatics specialist.

Ritu Doijad — AHSI On campus—Year 1

Ritu Doijad Portrait

A powerful desire and passion to explore the crossroads of Healthcare Sciences and Informatics led me to apply and be accepted to the program Applied Health Sciences Informatics. I graduated from B.V.B College of Engineering, Hubli where I studied Computer Science Engineering. The array of healthcare-based projects such as ‘Smart Connect Portal’ to help rural and specialist doctors communicate via an android application and ‘Predictive Heart Health Analysis’ which is an android based application which can predict the heart health of a certain patient with the risks associated with the same and also perform community heart health analysis for a certain population helped me to explore and experiment deeper into this field. I completed my undergraduate research thesis on ‘Early Detection of Atrial Fibrillation using Machine Learning: A Bioinformatics approach.’

I also gave a presentation on this topic and was named as the runner-up at a technical presentation competition organized by the Bangalore Area Network of IET: Institution of Engineering and Technology. I explored the entrepreneurial avenues when I completed the Student Exchange program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell on ‘Global Immersion in Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ and worked on building business cases for Brain controlled wheelchair and Smart Insulin management. I envision myself to become a Chief Medical Information Officer one day. It is my dream to apply health technology for the welfare of people and the degree and exposure from John Hopkins University is exactly what I need to set forth with my research in the real world and achieve this dream of mine.

Marissa Fielstein — AHSI online — Year 1

Marissa Fielstein is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (“LCSW”) practicing in Suffolk County, NY. At the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northport, NY, Ms. Fielstein serves Veteran patients hospitalized on two Acute Psychiatric units. She works with Veterans and their families to secure safe housing and effective aftercare treatment, and to promote the Veteran’s functioning in the least restrictive level of care. In the provision of these and other clinical duties, Ms. Fielstein has built significant experience navigating the Veterans Health Administrations’ health record systems (CPRS, VISTA) and interfacing with VA behavioral healthcare programs nationally and across the continuum of care, often via electronic interfacility consults. Collaterally, Ms. Fielstein has engaged in Social Work committees to review and revise Social Work documentation; most recently, she was a part of a work group to redevelop the “SW Continuity of Care Note” template with the goal of increasing its usability and staff utilization of the note. Ms. Fielstein has supervised second year MSW trainees in Social Work’s Graduate Student Training Program, and recently participated in a workgroup to design the recruitment process for this program. She is an avid writer and has authored articles about best practices in Social Work in the Social Work department’s newsletter. In the community sector, Ms. Fielstein has worked as an individual and group psychotherapist in OMH-licensed community clinics, and presently in a private practice group. In these settings, she has worked with children, adults, couples, and families providing evidence-based, behaviorally-oriented psychotherapy. Ms. Fielstein holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Psychology from Binghamton University, and a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University. As a clinical user of health IT, Ms. Fielstein is highly motivated to pursue the MS degree in Applied Health Science Informatics.

Adrian Florea — AHSI Online — Year 1

Adrian Florea Portrait

Adrian Florea practices medicine as an Emergency Physician at Saint Mary’s Hospital Centre in Montreal where he focuses on medical education and improvement of health care delivery. As an Assistant Professor at McGill University he leads training of residents and medical students in bedside ultrasound skills and medical simulation. His hospital administrative responsibilities revolve around the design and adoption of clinical decision rules and procedural checklists for the ER department. Adrian obtained his medical degree from McGill University where he pursued graduate training in Family Medicine followed by a fellowship in Emergency Medicine. He is currently an examiner for the Canadian College of Family Physicians.

Heather Foley— AHSI Online — Year 1

Heather Foley Portrait

Heather Foley strives to transform information into insights to improve outcomes, equity, and access. Her professional background spans acute care and clinic-based nursing, public health, and veterinary medicine.  Throughout her career, Heather has developed and implemented technology-based innovations to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.  Her latest project is a multifunctional public health accreditation dashboard.  Heather’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, French, Russian, and Africana Studies from Bryn Mawr College.

Vinya George – AHSI Online— Year 2

Vinya George Portrait

Vinaya George is leading the setup of a Business Intelligence Unit in ZonesCorp, a Government entity in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. Vinaya’s experience in the last 10 years revolved around conducting various types of business and data analysis aimed at improving business productivity and increasing profitability.

Vinaya George graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from India. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP from the Project Management Institute) and a certified Professional in Business Intelligence (CPBI from the Villanova University).

Vinaya’s passion for the health care industry is one of the key drivers for her to choose the Informatics Program at John Hopkins University. She believes that the program is uniquely positioned at the cross roads of Data Analytics and the Healthcare Industry and will enable her to contribute to the creation of knowledge-driven healthcare practices.

Neha Goel— PhD — Year 4

Neha Goel Portrait

Neha Goel completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College at the University of Mumbai and graduated as the Gold Medalist for all round performance. Neha is an entrepreneur, and started her own company while still in college, which introduces new technologies in dentistry into the Oral Health market in India.

Having spent a considerable amount of time travelling to impoverished healthcare settings for volunteer work, she is motivated to bring healthcare technologies to such resource poor environments. As a part of her research work on “Developing a Low Cost Infant Incubator for Developing Countries” she developed a prototype well suited to the challenging healthcare environment of tropical developing countries. She presented this work at the International Conference on Biomedical Signals, Systems and Imaging 2012 at IIT Chennai.

Her interests lie in health IT innovation and entrepreneurship, and particularly in improving the way Primary Healthcare is delivered through developments in the field of Informatics such as Telemedicine & Telehealth, mHealth, eHealth etc.

Anthony Guerrerio – PBCCI — Year 2

Anthony Guerrerio Portrait

Dr Guerrerio holds a BA and MS from Dartmouth College and competed his medical training and PhD at Johns Hopkins University. His current appointment is in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition at the Johns Hopkins Hospital where his role is to integrate technology into the daily workflow to better coordinate divisional efforts and efficiency

Ting He – HSI 2 Yr Research— Year 2

Ting He Portrait

Ting He received her Bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics from Dalian University of Technology, China, and was a visiting student at the University of Calgary, Canada. Her prior research work was in analyzing cancer genome data and frequent itemset mining. Having seen many old Chinese people without the medical background to understand their physical examination reports, she led a team to create an Android application to solve this problem during her sophomore year.

Her goal is to find the intersection between informatics, technology and healthcare, and to improve the unfair distribution of health resources. Her research interests lie in health system management, mHealth, and eHealth.

Sarah Hussain – HSI 2 Yr Research— Year 2

Sarah Hussain Portrait

Dr. Sarah Hussain graduated from Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan. During the five years of her medical education she actively participated in various academic and research projects in the public healthcare system in Pakistan.

Since her graduation, Dr. Sarah has worked both in public and private health care facilities in Pakistan. Her experience in those sectors has convinced her that incorporation of information technology in healthcare industry is necessary to improve the rapidly evolving demographics of disease. She believes that the conventional healthcare standards practiced in developing countries leave valuable research data unutilized. Hence, the lack of a system to comprehensively analyze healthcare statistics is a serious impediment in effective and affordable control of widespread diseases.

At Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Sarah aims to learn the academic, practical and directorial skills necessary to design and deploy EHR Systems and mobile health. She has special interest in designing mobile health programs aimed at providing healthcare consultation to underserved rural populations in low income countries.

Nauman Islam — AHSI Online — Year 1

Nauman Islam Portrait

Nauman is an international business leader with experience in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. He has more than 17 years experience in various roles with increasing responsibility, such as P&L management, sales, marketing and operations. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Roper Industries, GE Oil & Gas, Cameron and Ingersoll Rand. He is founding member and current Chairman of the Board at Innovatel Telepsychiatry founded in 2014 with now over 30 psychiatrists practicing in over 9 states.  Nauman completed his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin in July 2010. He also holds Bachelor Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University in 1997.

Aida Kalley – PBCCI — Year 3

Aida Kalley Portrait

Dr. Kalley received a BS from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and attend Drexel College of Medicine. She completed her training as an Emergency Physician at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and has practiced clinically for over 15 years. She is currently working full time for a small business which focuses the healthcare and IT contracting in the federal space. Her current project uses predictive analytics to enhance the program integrity of the Medicare Claims process and reduce the likelihood of waste, abuse and fraud in this area. She has witnessed the impact of health IT on clinical operations, reporting and management. Aida's interests also include cybersecurity, specifically in regards to healthcare related data. She lives in the Greater Washington DC area and enjoys spending time with her two daughters, reading and visiting local museums.

Thomas Kingsley – AHSI Online— Year 2

Thomas Kingsley Portrait

I concurrently received my Medical Degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and my Masters of Public Health from Harvard School of Public Health. Currently, I am finishing my Internal Medicine residency at New York University and have an academic appointment at Mayo Clinic beginning in July 2017.

I’ve been co-leading a large quality improvement project at NYU that allows for detection of deteriorating patients through our electronic medical record. Additionally, I’ve worked on several other clinical decision support tools that enable doctors to deliver improved care to their patients. Each project has utilized clinical informatics to improve care.  Now I plan on joining my fellow classmates at John Hopkins, working towards my Masters in Applied Health Sciences Informatics, and look forward to build on the work and skillset I’ve already achieved.

Varun Kommalapati — AHSI On Campus — Year 1

Varun Kommalapati Portrait

Varun Kommalapati is a Medical Doctor and an MBA. He is an alumnus of The Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. He has experience working in a broad range of Healthcare domains including Clinical Patient Care, Pharmaceuticals, and Healthcare Consulting. His focus lies in the integration of Clinical Medicine with cutting edge technologies to improve system efficiency and patient outcomes.

Julia Kung – MS 2 Yr Research — Year 1

Julia Kung Portrait

I completed my bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan (ROC). I am a licensed medical technologist in Taiwan, and I had interned in Tri-Service General Hospital (Taiwan) and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (GA, US). I anticipate learning new skills of health informatics, and combine it with my medical science background, so as to innovate and speed up researching methods.

Chenyu Li – HSI 2 Yr Research — Year 1

Chenyu Li Portrait

Chenyu Li received her Bachelor’s degree major in Information Management and Information Systems from BUPT. During her years in university, she did internships as DBA in the hospital and IT consultant at Accenture as well as research programs in data analysis. She participated a research group at PLAGH which is a top hospital in China, gained experience in EHR analysis and finished her graduate thesis related OMOP CDM implement at a hospital.

Chenyu enjoys studying and working in healthcare topics. Her interests include clinical data analytics, data management, and healthcare system management. She wants to continue doing research in health informatics to solve the real-world problem.

Bowen Li — PhD — Year 5

Bowen Li Portrait

Bowen received his Bachelor's degree in Automation from Tsinghua University in China, and holds a Master of Science and Engineering in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. His broad range of knowledge enables him to look deep into Health Informatics and to integrate more advanced technologies into the field.

He has worked as a research assistant in Department of Radiation Oncology at JHMI and developed software for JPLC and LAP Laser. He hopes to gain more skills and knowledge in medical field during his Ph.D. training in the Division, and will become an entrepreneur after graduation.

Hong Shen Lim —AHSI Online — Year 1

Hong Shen Lim Portrait

Hong Shen is a General Practitioner in Singapore and a clinical informaticist with Singapore’s Ministry of Health Holdings-Integrated Healthcare Informatics Systems (IHIS) whereby he is involved in the facilitating Ministry of Health Projects as well as National Healthcare data analytics. He was previously an Emergency Medicine resident and has spent some time as the Medial Informatics project officer of the Singapore Armed Forces where he developed his passion for medical informatics.

Agatha Lin — AHSI Online — Year 1

Agatha Lin Portrait

Agatha Lin is currently working in the health information department of HKSH Medical Group in Hong Kong, where she contributes to the health record digitalization process and other quality and safety initiatives, such as hospital accreditation. Previously, she served as audit nurse, coordinating clinical audits across various departments. Before joining the Group, she worked for local and international non-profit organizations for managing public health projects, for instance, a national wide maternal, child health project in China. 

Agatha holds a bachelor of nursing and a Master of Public Health from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Qianzho Lui — PBCCI — Year 1

Qianzho Lui Portrait

I am the Physician Executive at InterSystem Corporation (ISC) which is a healthcare IT company located in Cambridge, MA, USA. My main responsibilities are 1) “to advise”, I will provide academic knowledge to either facilitate ISC product enhancement or maximize the value of ISC products at partner/customer end. 2) “to execute”, I will engage in ISC/customer business in terms of making strategic plans, monitoring industry trends, and support pre-sales, post-sales as well as marketing activities. 3) “to lead”, I will lead the overall clinical vision for ISC China and implement clinical directions for it.

I had been working as a cardiologist in Peking University First Hospital for over 10 years (both in clinical settings and in research centers) before I joined ISC and I have abundant experiences of leading projects and teams in different contexts. I also did social science research when I studied Education in the University College London.

The main purpose for my application for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Informatics Program is to fulfill my responsibilities of my current role as well as to contribute to the healthcare industry in China.

Bhagyashree (Disha) Maity — AHSI On Campus — Year 1

Bhagyashree (Disha) Maity Portrait

Bhagyashree Maity graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of San Francisco and is currently a NICU nurse at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Residing in the Silicon Valley, she has observed the effects of technological advancements firsthand and the amount of potential it has to improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency in clinical settings. It has inspired her to take some computer science courses and she looks forward to taking the Health Informatics program at JHU to gain a more technical skillset in order to combine both her interests of healthcare and technology.

Jessica Malenfant — AHSI Online — Year 1

Jessica Malenfant Portrait

Jessica is a Senior Health Informatics Analyst in the Dept. of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School & Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute in Boston, MA. She provides informatics and software development leadership and expertise to support socio-technical platforms used in large-scale research and public health surveillance initiatives. Prior experience includes working as a surveillance epidemiologist at the MA Dept. of Public Health and implementing Electronic Health Records-based tools to help radiologists meet quality measures. She focuses on using public health experience to interpret and apply data, standards, & technologies to projects. Jessica holds an MPH from the Boston University School of Public Health and Certificate in Clinical Informatics from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

John Mannisi — AHSI Online —Year 1

John Mannisi Portrait

I am a board certified interventional cardiologist with 30 years full-time experience at the Lehigh Valley Hospital Network, Pennsylvania.  I am a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, class 1980 with post graduate training in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine also at Johns Hopkins.  Current clinical interests focus on implementation of pharmacogenomics data into the EMR as a start of a broader precision medicine initiative that will attract funding for a translational clinical research center. Extensive prior experience in strategic planning and programmatic development (initiation of cardiothoracic surgical program; pacemaker-device clinic and  anticoagulation clinic).

Dwi Margawati – HSI 2 Yr Research — Year 2

Dwi Margawati Portrait

Dwi Margawati, a USAID PRESTASI Scholarship recipient, graduated with a Diploma of Medical Records and Health Information from Universitas Gadjah Mada and a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of Ahmad Dahlan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Currently she is a lecturer at STIKES Jenderal Achmad Yani, a health college in Yogyakarta focusing on Health Information Management and health related fields. Dwi believes that through the pursuit of the Health Informatics Degree, she will be able to fulfill her career and educational goals in Indonesia. Her passion is for research, teaching and educating the next generation of university students, as well as to improve health systems in Indonesia. Her hobbies include painting, sewing, and singing.

Francisco Martinez-Wittinghan — AHSI Online — Year 1

Francisco Martinez-Wittinghan Portrait

I was born in Colombia (South America) where I went to Medical School. After graduation, I moved to Stony Brook New York to work towards a doctoral degree in Physiology and Biophysics. I worked there for a few years as a basic science researcher and went back to clinical work when I joined the Family Residency Program at Southside Hospital in Long Island. After graduation, I moved to Florida where I have been a Family Physician for over eight years. In the past two years I became involved in the EHR (electronic health record) Steering Committee and developed a strong interest in medical informatics. I joined the Online Master of Applied Health Sciences Informatics at Johns Hopkins to obtain the knowledge necessary to lead in the field at my primary care group.  

On a personal level, I am the father of two teens and will celebrate this June my 20th wedding anniversary. We enjoy the outdoors through Scouting and go to the beach often. My wife and I love soccer and dancing and we enjoy grilling for our friends.

Anis Kevin Massoudi — AHSI Online — Year 1

Anis Kevin Massoudi Portrait

A clinician turned innovation enthusiast with a focus on digital health, Kevin spent his formative years in southern Africa and Australia and completed his medical training in Johannesburg, South Africa. After obtaining an MSc in Management (of innovation) at Imperial College, London, he has held multiple strategic positions for mid and large cap healthcare companies in UK and Switzerland with a focus on innovation, medical devices and technology.

Kevin is currently Program Lead, Digital Health (EMEIA), managing the software portfolio for Varian, a global leader in oncology. He lives in Geneva, Switzerland with his wife and two daughters, enjoys sports, travelling and is determined to transform healthcare in both developed and LMIC – steering towards digitally enabled and value-based healthcare systems.

Steven Miller – AHSI Online — Year 2

Dr. Miller just completed his clinical fellowship in pediatric gastroenterology and is joining the Pediatric Department as an Assistant Professor. His interest surround secondary prevention in patients with inflammatory disease.

Sujith Nair — MS Online — Year 1

Sujith Nair Portrait

Sujith Nair graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Computer science from Kerala University, India. For the last 8 years, Sujith has held the post of Technical Project Manager at the American College of Radiology, a non-profit organization. Sujith is going to have challenging career responsibilities, which is to lead some of the healthcare initiatives such as clinical decision support, effective integration of machine learning algorithms, running national registries to improve quality of patient care etc. Sujith loves to do Bollywood dancing, tennis, volleyball, learning new technologies and cricket.

Nkem Okeke - PBCCI — Year 3

Jessica Roosth — AHSI Online — Year 1

Jessica Roosth Portrait

Jessica has developed an admiration for healthcare and the information technology space. Since working as a healthcare information technology consultant, Jessica was afforded the opportunity to understand the power of technology in relation to patient care and healthcare operations. Currently working as an application analyst for Johns Hopkins, Jessica has implemented technology solutions providing a more streamlined approach while positively impacting patient satisfaction. Jessica’s particular areas of interest are global and population health. She would like to leverage current technical knowledge on a broader scale and understand how data can be used to positively impact the community and beyond. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Service Administration from Bay Path University.

Kristina Russell — AHSI Online — Year 1

Kristina Russell Portrait

Kristina is currently the Director of Unified Communications for MedStar Health. In this position she is responsible for working with the various departments across the HealthCare system on many initiatives.  Most recently she has been involved with initiatives around Team/Video Collaboration, TeleHealth (specifically TeleStroke), and Nursing Communication Devices.  Prior to her role as the Director of Unified Communications, she has served as a Project Manager and Implementation Consultant for the Ambulatory Services division at MedStar Health where she has implemented IT initiatives in more than 3 dozen ambulatory locations across the MedStar Health Enterprise.  Kristina has also held implementation roles at Allscripts and 3M Health Information Systems in the past.   Kristina has a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Pittsburgh as well as completed Project Management Coursework.

Dasola Salami — AHSI Online — Year 1

Dasola Salami Portrait

Dasola graduated from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in Nigeria with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics and MBA in Marketing in 1997 and 2007 respectively. After several years working as Application/Helpdesk Analyst in Financial institution in Nigeria, she relocated to United States with her family in 2009. She started a new career in health care as Nursing Assistant caring for patients with memory care. Because of her passion in Information Technology, she continues to take certifications in IT while working as a volunteer Security Analyst alongside her nursing assistant. With the hope of combining her experience in IT and health care together to better serve the community which is why she enrolled in the MS degree program. She loves to cook and meet new friends.    

Gan (Stan) Shi — AHSI On campus —Year 1

Gan (Stan) Shi Portrait

Gan Shi, Stan for short, is a Chinese national. He graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, with a major in Public Health. During his undergraduate studies, he was most interested in applying his public health training to practical use to solve real-world problems. In addition, he worked at the Elizabeth Gregory Home for over a year as a student service-learner, where he helped over a hundred homeless women in the city of Seattle. With the help of the Informatics program, he would like to enhance his overall capacity in finding the cure for the social, health and medical issues which hide behind the colorful and charming atmosphere of our modern society.

Kerry Smith - MS Online—Year 2

Kerry Smith Portrait

I graduated with a biology degree from UMass, where I also took some computer science courses.  I have spent almost 20 years working in healthcare IT, occupying the space between clinical users and technical resources.

I currently work at the Wilmer Eye Institute as an Epic analyst, ensuring that Epic is integrated into our clinical workflow with minimal disruption and to maximum advantage.

In addition to doing build for various modules, I represent Wilmer in upgrade planning and act as a department liaison for escalation of larger issues or more complex build tasks. 

I have recently joined the CCDA at Hopkins and am starting to work on projects involving data retrieval and data warehouse design. I look forward to helping the institution make the most of the data being generated by our clinical and research faculty.


Steven Stallings – AHSI Online — Year 2

Steven Stallings Portrait

Steven Stallings graduated from Berry College in Rome, GA with a B.S. with a dual major in Biology and Chemistry in 1982. He obtained a D.M.D. from the Medical College of Georgia in 1986 and a certificate in Pediatric Dentistry in 1988. He practiced family dentistry in Savannah, GA from 1988 to 2003.  He joined the U.S. Navy Dental Corps in 2004 and is currently a CDR who finished a Comprehensive Dental Residency at NNMC Bethesda in 2009 and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Dentistry and a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. Currently he is the Navy/Marine Corps Liaison Officer to the Corporate Dental System.

His next duty station will be at BUMED as the Chief Dental Informatics Officer for the U.S. Navy Dental Corps.  The Johns Hopkins Masters in Applied Health Sciences Informatics will allow him to leverage his knowledge of clinical practice with that of digital information analysis of big data to aid in developing new treatment objectives and the use of new EHRs in dentistry and medicine.

Phillip Trujillo — PBCCI — Year 1

Phillip Trujillo Portrait

Phillip brings a robust record of executive leadership and management of clinical centralized services. Extensive experience developing provider relationships and dynamic patient care teams. He has more than 10 years of practice management and health system experience in private physician and large medical group practices, for-profit and non-profit hospitals and health systems, academic medical centers, physician faculty practice plans and ambulatory care networks. As a leader he has broad clinical, managerial, and consulting experience. Phillip has strived to encourage his teams to ensure they place patient experience and quality of service in every encounter. He has worked closely with small and large practices across the country and has experience with a wide variety of practice management and electronic health record (EHR) systems. Phillip has worked with organizations to develop process and tools that focus the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s internal goals and strategies for growth. He has provided specialized solutions that increase staff engagement and profitability while improving internal operations, all serving to improve clinically integrated patient populations.

Recent previous employers Ardent/Lovelace Health System, CHRISTUS Health, Santa Fe Medical Group.

Current certification with the American College of Medical Practice Executives, Medical Group Management Association Fellow, Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma Project Management. Master’s in Business Administration and Master’s in Public Health Administration.

Sarah Vanderplas- AHSI On Campus -Year 1

Sarah Vanderplas Portrait

Sarah Vanderplas is a research assistant at George Mason University where she develops curriculum for upper level biology and bioinformatics courses and software for an NGS device conducive to classroom use. As a learning assistant, also at GMU, she teaches microbiology and co-taught a bioinformatics research course. She studied microbiology, biotech and molecular biology and minored in Computational Data Science at GMU. Her research goals include developing systems to facilitate the recording of electronic health records in the most beneficial way for both front-end work flow utilization and back-end research. She believes applying computer automation to the massive amounts of data that medical professionals now capture will alter the landscape of human health for the better- and she wants to be a part of that progress. In her spare time, you can find her going on adventures on her off-road motorcycle or mountain climbing.

Kinjel Vyas – AHSI Online — Year 2

Kinjel Vyas Portrait

My name is Kinjel Vyas and I am currently working at Booz Allen Hamilton as a Healthcare Consultant. Previously, I worked at Maxim Healthcare Services as a Program Coordinator on the administrative team to reduce readmission rates at Saint Joseph’s Medical Center in Towson, MD. In May 2016, I attained my B.S in Health Sciences and Psychology minor from Towson University. Currently, I am pursing a Master Certification in Project Management to develop my professional skills and become PMP certified. I am interested in epidemiology, public health informatics, and data visualization techniques. I look forward to beginning the M.S in Applied Health Sciences Informatics at Johns Hopkins University this fall.

Susan Whitfield – AHSI Online — Year 2

Susan Whitfield Portrait

Susan Whitfield is a Senior Sql Developer with a specialization in Healthcare, Lending and Government entities. She has enjoyed a career in IT for over 10 years and currently works for a healthcare related company.

Susan completed her undergraduate studies in Computer Information Systems, at Coleman University in San Diego, CA. Her research interests lie in the area of programming languages, and developing intuitive Healthcare systems to help save money for consumers, providers and plans.

Susan lives with her daughter, and their two dogs in Las Vegas, NV. She is looking forward to continuing to build a relationship with her daughter that includes holding hands in public and having her teenager still speak to her. They are currently building a green home and enjoy the beauty of nature all around them. Prior to becoming a proud and involved mom, Susan enjoyed horses, being a Marine and being spontaneous in various adventures. Now she usually manages to volunteer around horses and people with her daughter and read a few books here and there.

Queenie Wong — AHSI Online — Year 1

Queenie Wong Portrait

She is currently a systems analyst in a manufacturing and chemical company in New Jersey responsible for integrating information systems, streamlining operation process, and conducting performance data analytics. She has led and implemented projects that helped the company link multiple computer systems together and utilized data analytics to identify problem and to improve company performance. Queenie’s passion is in technology and healthcare. Her goal is to apply her technological knowledge and analytical skills to improve clinical research, enhance patient care, and reduce cost of healthcare. She believes that Johns Hopkins will offer her the tools and resources she needs to succeed in the healthcare industry.

Yuanbo (Albert) Xu — HSI 2 Yr Research — Year 1

Yuanbo Xu Portrait

I earned Bachelor degree at Tsinghua University, China, majored in industrial engineering and specialized in the health and medical service system. I had some experience in NLP, Machine Learning and Blockchain, as well as the skills of statistic and operation research.  In my junior year, I founded Tsinghua Student Health Technology Association to let more student interested in the health innovation. My dream is to be an entrepreneur and use advanced technology to make difference in the healthcare field. My hobbies are ballroom dancing, guitar and skiing.

Gongliang Zhang – AHSI Online — Year 2

Gongliang Zhang Portrait

I received Medical Doctorate and Master of Science degrees from Anhui Medical University (China). After graduation, I took a faculty position at the Department of Physiology, Anhui Medical University. In 2006, I started my PhD training at Florida Atlantic University. My major is Neuroscience. I earned my Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2010. After graduation, I first worked as a post doctorate at Florida Atlantic University and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Now, I am a staff scientist at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development. I am interested in Health Sciences Informatics by combining modern computational technology, theory and management to process clinical big data, information and knowledge to facilitate evidence-based medicine and drug discovery for neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Xiaohan (Tanner) Zhang – HSI 2 Yr Research — Year 2

Xiaohan Zhang Portrait

Xiaohan Zhang is admitted to Health Sciences Informatics Research Master's Program. He earned his medical degree at West China College of Medicine, Sichuan University. During his undergraduate training, he became interested in up-to-date therapies in clinical care. He worked and rotated in West China Hospital in Sichuan Province, the biggest medical center in western China, and several hospitals in Jiangsu Province, where he witnessed the need from both patients and doctors for combining data from modern medical practice with traditional medical care. Dr. Zhang also spent one year at the University of Florida where he conducted basic research in human immunotherapy. He considers it important to be specialized in both research and clinical disciplines to become a great doctor. During his time at Johns Hopkins, he will to build on his experience in designing and conducting independent clinical research. On completing the degree at Johns Hopkins he intends to earn a PhD position become a specialized physician who will bring innovations in clinical informatics to clinical care.