Current Students

Anabel Abraham

Anabel Abraham Portrait

Anabel Abraham graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Physics from the Women's Christian College, Madras India and a Masters Degree in Computers from the University of Madras, India. Anabel currently work as a Systems Analyst in Baltimore, Maryland. Anabel believes that the Health Informatics Degree will offer her the tools and resources she needs to leverage her IT experience and her enduring desire to work in the Heath Industry. She enjoys Bible quizzing, music, singing, debating, learning new languages, tennis and cricket.

Hani A. Almarzook

Hani A. Almarzook Portrait

Hani Almarzook joined the graduate school of health informatics at Johns Hopkins University from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he has encompassed more than eighteen years of health care technology and leadership experience.   

Prior to completing his master's degree  at Johns Hopkins, Hani led IT operations and support for the Middle East's largest tertiary health care system - King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSHRC)- with campuses in the capital, Riyadh, and in the coastal city of Jeddah.

His enthusiasm and energy expands beyond health information technology and informatics into clinical research at Johns Hopkins where Hani is studying under the mentorship  of Dr. Harold Lehmann.  Hani has ample experience in streamlining support systems, integrating clinical information systems, and empowering physicians and clinical staff by giving them the tools for optional patient care at their fingertips.  He was instrumental in KFSHRC obtaining the region's first HIMSS Stage 6 Analytics Award in 2012 by developing a robust clinical support system with technology advancements for better and more efficient EHR system throughput.

Upon completion of his graduate studies, Hani plans to return to Saudi Arabia and focus on health informatics and information technology management at KFSHRC with a special focus on aligning physician and nursing outcomes through more efficient EHR systems.

Dafer AlShehri

Dafer AlShehri Portrait

Dafer Alshehri graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management and Business administration minor from Towson University in 2015. In August 2016, Dafer joined the graduate school of health science informatics at Johns Hopkins University.

Dafer worked as A/Supervisor of medical record and information center at NGCSC National Guard comprehensive specialized clinic back in Saudi Arabia. He has more than ten years experience in health care filed dealing with EHR System. He was authorized by information system department as super user of the new medical information system (MiSys), additionally, He was in charge of training NGCSC staff in the newly implemented (MISYS).

He believes that Health informatics can be a smart career choice for people who want to help patients without the additional strain that can come with direct patient care. He would like to go back to Saudi Arabia to train nurses and staff on how to use the latest technology and software to enter and track information about a patient’s condition and treatment.

Sami Alyasin

Sami Alyasin Portrait

Sami Alyasin is a software developer who worked in the Health IT field for the past ten years. Sami is a SAP Certified consultant where he was involved in the developments of many healthcare modules in SAP systems, back at his home company in Saudi Arabia. Realizing that even the best development methods achieve nothing if it was not what the users really wanted, Sami decided that it is about time to get into the big picture and more into the users(doctors) worlds. In August 2013, Sami started his 2 year program in the field of Health Informatics with Johns Hopkins. Sami end goal of joining this program is to help in the development of a more reliable software’s in the HealthCare industry.

At the personal level, Sami is part of a big farming community back home that grows mostly “Dates”, and is a part of small family that consist of his wife “Sarah” and his 2 years daughter “Yasmeen” here.

Adler Archer, J.D., M.P.S., M.Sc.

Adler Archer Portrait

Adler Archer is a strategy and technology consultant with a passion for helping make the public sector more accessible, adaptable and accountable. Building on nearly two decades of success at DOD, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Allasys, Adler helps public sector organizations operate and communicate at their peak. He has provided strategy and technology solutions to clients ranging from innovative nonprofit start-ups in Brooklyn to European members of parliament in Brussels and the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Washington DC.

Adler is also a proud veteran, having served on active duty in the US Air Force from 2000 – 2004 and the IR from 2004-2008. He has lobbied for important veterans’ causes including “Jail Diversion and Trauma Recovery” as well as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal. Most recently, Adler launched Warrior Justice 501 (c) (3). This nonprofit brings together medical and legal professionals to help ensure veterans receive comprehensive and collaborative support in alleviating health-harming legal and social issues.

Adler holds a doctorate from New York Law School, a masters in Mindfulness Neuroscience from Kings College London, a masters in Organizational Communication from the University of Denver, and a bachelors from Columbia College. Adler has been appointed to the Baltimore City Bar Association’s Health Law Committee, serves as Vice President of the Founding Board of Directors for the Maryland LGBT Chamber of Commerce, chairs the Maryland NLC Advisory Board, and is a member of the Chase Brexton LGBT Health Advisory Board, American Medical Informatics Association, and American Mindfulness Research Association.

Ashimiyu Durojaiye

Ashimiyu Durojaiye Portrait

Ashimiyu graduated from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos as a doctor, and has a flair for IT which he pursues concurrently. He worked for major hospitals in Lagos where he saw the need for better health systems and felt IT could make a difference. He went on to complete the Master of Science in Applied Health Sciences Informatics program here at Johns Hopkins University during which he was introduced to the concepts in informatics, it's potentials and promise. He believes informatics is the key to the realization of better, safer and reliable health systems and is seeking a deeper appreciation with the PhD program. His interest areas are in clinical informatics, telemedicine and mHealth. Ashimiyu loves movies and soccer.

Neha Goel

Neha Goel Portrait

Neha Goel completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College at the University of Mumbai and graduated as the Gold Medalist for all round performance. Neha is an entrepreneur, and started her own company while still in college, which introduces new technologies in dentistry into the Oral Health market in India.

Having spent a considerable amount of time travelling to impoverished healthcare settings for volunteer work, she is motivated to bring healthcare technologies to such resource poor environments. As a part of her research work on “Developing a Low cost Infant Incubator for Developing countries” she developed a prototype well suited to the challenging healthcare environment of tropical developing countries which she presented at the International Conference on Biomedical Signals, Systems and Imaging 2012 at IIT Chennai.

Her interests lie in health IT innovation and entrepreneurship. Her particular area of interest is improving the way Primary Healthcare is delivered through developments in the field of Informatics such as Telemedicine & Telehealth, mHealth, eHealth etc.

Zubin Khan

Zubin Khan Portrait

Zubin Khan has completed his Bachelors of Engineering in the field of Information Technology from University of Pune, India. He has also successfully completed a diploma course in Computer Engineering.

Zubin has worked at National Institute of Virology (NIV), Department of Health (Government of India) where he was part of the Epidemiology department as a lead IT technician. One of the major project he worked on was – ‘Community based surveillance of Viral diseases/Syndrome in Janta Vasahat Pune City’.

In a developing country like India with huge population the implementation and optimization of the information systems that support clinical practice is a big challenge. Working for almost 2 years at NIV Zubin was able to experience different challenges and problems in health industry. Having background in the field of Information technology he witnessed how application of information technology can help solve those problems.

As Health informatics creates the infrastructure that connects and enables the flow of critical information to and from each person involved in a patient's care, Zubin is very interested in this field esp. eHealth and mHealth. Zubin is also very passionate about entrepreneurship and would like to combine his interest of Health IT and Entrepreneurship in future.

Bowen Li

Bowen Li Portrait

Bowen got his Bachelor's degree in Automation from Tsinghua University in China, and is a Master in Science and Engineering in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. The large range of knowledge enables him to look deep into Health Informatics and to integrate more advanced technologies into the field.

He worked as a research assistant in Department of Radiation Oncology at JHMI for a year and developed several software for JPLC and LAP Laser. He hopes to gain more skills and knowledge in medicine field during the Ph.D. training in the division, and will become an entrepreneur after graduation.

Naveed Aman Pasha

Naveed Aman Pasha Portrait

Dr Naveed Aman Pasha received his MBBS from the Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan. During this five year programme, he received training in the technical aspects of safe health care for individuals affiliated to various socio economic themes intrinsic to Pakistan's population. He remained involved in various research projects that attempted to examine current treatment guidelines and their application in the local context. Here he was committed to providing technological solutions to expedite compilation and analysis of medical data.

He then went on to complete a six month internship at the hospital, which has been accredited by the Joint Commission of International (JCIA). In this role, he gained familiarity with various electronic record systems that aim to implement safe and effective standards based care.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith Portrait

Dan Smith is pursuing his masters in applied health sciences informatics online. In 2009 he graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and he has been working for a small clinical informatics company called Apelon since 2011. Serving has an informatics analyst and project manager, Dan's focus has been on terminology services and software development, providing the tools and guidance needed to map legacy data to international standards, curate quality measures and value sets, and model, maintain, and extend terminologies. Dan is originally from Connecticut and has been living in Washington, DC since 2014. In his spare time he enjoys playing water polo and visiting local breweries.

Maitri Tanna

Maitri Tanna Portrait

Maitri Tanna is a Biomedical Engineer from Mumbai University's D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering in India. Her various internship experiences at different healthcare organizations have helped her gain knowledge about the healthcare industry. She worked in the field of Health Informatics in India for an innovative project in dental industry after her college. In these two years she developed interest for the field and set her way ahead to do Masters in the same. She has a larger goal of digitizing the global healthcare industry and helping patients all across the world to obtain the best healthcare facilities in their hands. She is determined to gain the best of technical, practical and managerial skills from Hopkins during her course.