Student Resources-Health and Well-being; Student Grievances

Graduate Student Grievances

The School of Medicine seeks to provide a supportive educational, training, and professional environment. The University and School provide several avenues of redress for individuals who believe they have been treated unfairly. Please find information on the Grievance Procedure for Faculty, Fellows, and the Student Body here:

In addition, the School of Medicine's Graduate Student Policies guidelines for a number of issues, from conflict resolution to student mistreatment, are provided here:

Graduate Students' Health and Well-being

The health and wellness of the School of Medicine's graduate students are of utmost importance to us here at Johns Hopkins. Our graduate biomedical programs value and are fully committed to supporting student well-being. While you are learning and training here with us, our mission is to enrich your experience, help you thrive professionally and personally, and promote an environment that supports your health. Please find below links to a variety of programs and resources dedicated to ensuring our students can fully thrive during their time at Johns Hopkins and beyond.

Getting Help Information:

Additional Wellness Resources: