Important Information about Health Insurance Coverage

Important Information about Health Insurance Coverage while Attending the Johns Hopkins Division of Health Sciences Informatics

All full time Johns Hopkins degree students are required to carry the health insurance offered through the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, or document that they have equivalent coverage from another source. For example, they may be covered under the policy of their spouse. Coverage originating in a foreign country does not qualify for this exception.

The cost of health coverage is the responsibility of each student and is in addition to tuition and other fees, and must be continued should a student take a leave of absence from the university.

Students matriculated into the MS in Applied Health Sciences Informatics Online and the Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Informatics have part- time status and are not eligible to purchase the Johns Hopkins coverage, nor are they required to submit any other documentation related to alternative coverage.

Dental insurance is also mandatory for full time graduate students. The annual cost for coverage is $147 for the current academic year.

For further information on health insurance policies and procedures, you may contact the Office of the Registrar, or click on the link below.